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Chinook or King salmon as they are known in Alaska are the largest and most formidable salmon. The size varies with the season and area but on the larger river systems of the Skeena in BC and the Kenai in Alaska, salmon of 50-90lbs are caught.. Fly-fishing is possible for the smaller and mid sized salmon, but the larger specimens are generally caught from a boat by back trolling over the salmon holds.

Cone Head. These novel salmon flies provide another option in the fly-box when the Stoat & Shrimp flies fail to induce a rise. The brass weighted head ensure it fishes deeper than conventional flies and the additional pot-bellied boar fibres provide the necessary animation, to this short tube fly.

Bear encounters are not uncommon whilst fishing salmon in British Columbia and Alaska. The bears and the fishermen are equally attracted to the rivers for the annual fish runs. Generally bears shy away from humans unless provoked or threatened, but in these circumstances both Black and Brown can be dangerous. Wearing bear-bells to warn of one’s presence and pepper-spray are recommended.

Bigsalmon provides details of the various species of salmon, the fishing techniques and selection of noteworthy destinations. For fighting strength fish for Chum, for sheer power and bulk, Chinook, for aerial acrobatics try Coho, but for sublime finesse, nothing can beat the atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

There are seven species of salmon, six of which are pacific, the Chinook, Coho, Chum, Sockeye, Pink and Cherry salmon, the latter found only in Asia and one Atlantic salmon, found on the eastern Atlantic waters. It is likely that these salmonids along with the trout and char all shared a common ancestry, only evolving after the last ice age. Despite this the taxonomy has classified them as separate genus’s that on the Oncorhynchus for the salmon and Steelhead and Salmo for the Atlantic salmon and trout

The dry-fly referred to as the ‘orange bomber’ is most popular Atlantic salmon fly in Newfoundland. It is fished on the dead-drift, casting upstream over salmon lies and is generally best during the warmer summer months. It accounts for at least 80% of all Atlantic salmon in the province and is especially attractive to big salmon.

Steelheads(Oncorhynus mykiss) are sea run Rainbow trout which are perhaps the most revered salmonids in North America. They are found in smaller numbers than pacific salmon, and are a catch-an-release fish. Steelhead are found from Mexico to Alaska. In British Columbia the most notable location is the Skeena river system where steelhead are found frequently in the 15-20lb range.

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I unhesitatingly assert that there is no single moment with horse or gun into which is concentrated such a thrill of hope, fear, expectation, and exultation as that of the rise and successful strike of a heavy Salmon. I have seen men literally unable to stand, or hold their rod, from sheer excitement.

H.C.Pennell 1870


Salmon, Trout and Artic Char fishing in Iceland

Jesper Fohrmann,s bomber's. This is tied on a plastic tube and hence floats better than those hook tied bombers and as with all tube flies the hook does not lever out with a prolonged fight.

Largest UK salmon? This massive Atlantic cock salmon was caught on the Ness River in October 2007 and was released without being officially weighed. It apparently measured 50in (127cm) long and had a girth of 40in (101cm). Whether it did break the UK record set by Georgina Ballantine in 1922 of 64lbs will remain speculation.

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