My book ‘Fly fishing the world on a shoestring’ has been constructed over several years from notes and recollections of the dozens of fly fishing trips I have undertaken around the world. I am a keen photographer and am never on the riverbank without a few cameras. Fly fishing in remote and exotic locations provides a perfect opportunity to capture stunning images. Nature unfolds on the riverbank, at dawn and dusk, when most people sleep, but at this precious time, the bears feed, the ospreys hunt and the otters play and the world wakes up. It’s a perfect place of solitude not just to cast a fly down an undisturbed salmon pool, but to absorb this wonderful spectacle. I have tried to capture some of this with my camera and to describe the experiences in my text.

Fishing anecdotes have been interwoven with geopolitical information, I hope producing an interesting read over the twenty eight separate chapters. The book has been professionally edited and constructed using 104gsm, premium colour paper, to display the 347 high quality photographs and text over 208 pages.

It is available with either flexi-or hardback covers. ISBN 978-1-8381589-1-0.  The paperback edition is priced at £16.99 and the hardback at £24.99.

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My book will shortly be reviewed in  Classic Angling magazine and later in the year  in Total Flyfisher magazine 

Individual reviews

I had a wonderful Xmas Present from my wife Su.

A definite contender for the Hooker Prize !!

Well done! Amazing! A Credit to you! Unique!

Best wishes

John Govier.


After seeing the report of Duncan’s book being published in the Herald, I picked up a copy from Paragon yesterday afternoon. I’m an infrequent coarse fisherman these days and like Duncan was shown the ropes by my dad. Little did I know that you are one of Duncan’s partners in crime! Congratulations. The trips must have been fantastic. I am staggered by the lengths that he has gone to in pursuit of his passion. The quality of the photography is wonderful and it is beautifully written. I can’t send a note to Duncan as I don’t have his E-mail address but hope that I will bump into him at the tennis club when the lock-down ends. If you see him, let him know that he had a sale on Saturday!

Regards Mike Prentice.


Many thanks for your book, which I received yesterday. It looks excellent, really well produced and printed and a really comprehensive read for those of us interested in fishing overseas. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it over Christmas; my appetite has been whetted for more travels in 2021. Congratulations on such a great project, have a great Christmas and I look forward to catching up in 2021!

Best regards,

Roddy Hall, Manager, Farlow’s Travel Ltd

I am very envious and jealous of all the places in the world you have managed to find to fly fish. I would never have thought this was possible. this book is an excellent reference book for any keen fly fisherman.

Richard Hedger


Marvelous.  I am very envious and jealous of all the places in the world you have managed to find to fly fish. I would never have thought this was possible. this book is an excellent reference book for any keen fly fisherman.

Michael Ringrose.


Your book is absolutely riveting and very difficult to put down! Each chapter describing specific locations is action-packed and combined with most interesting, fascinating detail which leaves the reader thirst for more!! The wizardry with your camera producing astounding sharpness of the printed photographs, expertly illustrates each particular chapter subject. Many spectacular shots of stunning overseas scenery were also enjoyed by Sheila, a long suffering fisherman’s wife!!

David Ingyon.

It has replaced the Rise of Nations and inshore navigation as bedside reading – good stuff Duncan am enjoying greatly well done- really very interesting reading.

Rob Jones

Clever you. I see you’ve got it on the shelves at Waterstones. That’s quite an achievement. 👏 It’s a very beautiful book. Well done.

Beth De Sousa

Many thanks for the book. My initial thoughts are that it’s a very good read and is rather unique in its format, in a good way. Please keep a hard back copy, with your signature.

Colin Nice.

My Birthday is coming up in November and l was wondering if l could get a copy of your fantastic book through you if possible signed? now your in the famous area of fly fishing books.

Brian Ratcliff.

Duncan, Your book arrived: thanks. It’s wonderful and I can’t put it down! I’ll send you mine as soon as it is available.

John Chester.

The book arrived – Great!! I have started reading he first few chapters and really nicely put together. Congratulations!

Bradley Browne.

It’s very impressive: the photos are superb, stories interesting. I especially love the photo of the green Arctic aurora!! It must have been very exciting after all your hard work writing & collating to actually hold a printed copy in your hand at last. It’s such an easy book to dip into and Mike’s really enjoying it as well.

Alison Willson


Duncan has combined his passion for fly fishing and photography to produce an excellent book, full of adventures and spectacular scenery. Well worth a read, even for someone who has barely picked up a fishing rod!

Jane Frankpitt



Heyup Duncan,

Amazing book, great photos with some familiar faces. For someone who knows nothing about fly fishing , I have been inspired, educated and captivated by the experiences which have been related with such professionalism,  which could only be made possible by truly living the moment and enjoying the sport. Some personal experiences well worth sharing, Thank you!

Iain Burns.  Professional photographer and reporter.