British Columbia

BC offers all the benefits of Pacific Salmon fishing along with native trout and Steelhead, at  a more reasonable cost, than that found in Alaska.   Salmon fishing is found throughout BC but Northern BC offers the greatest selection of fishing, much of which is accessible from Terrace 1.5 hr flight from Vancouver.  The Skeena River is notably the most productive Steelhead and Salmon river in the world. It is also holds the World Record title of the largest rod caught salmon a 99lb

Coho fishing in the Kildala River B.C

Chinook caught in 2002.
There is reasonable road access  and the fishing is effectively free,  after purchasing a mandatory licence.  Guiding however is essential in many rivers as there are  few tracks to the river  bank and local fishing knowledge pays good dividends.  The optimum fishing experience is to float the river on a raft or drift boat



Peak time for the varies salmon species
Species Jan-April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


Northern Coho caught around Terrace

The Skeena.

The Skeena has runs of all the salmon and Steelhead.  This is a vast river so fishing is either on one of the many bars, often requiring access from a boat, or around the river mouths that join the Skeena, like the Kalum where road access is possible.  The Chinook run from from April to mid-August, but the prime time is June and July.  Steelhead run from the winter run January with three other runs through to December.  The Skeena is often the last to colour in a flood, but also due to it's size the last to clear.  There are numerous tributaries, entering the Skeena with good fishing only accessible by boat like the Kassiks, Exchamsicks, Exstew, and Gitnodoix.  The Zymoetz ( Copper) is an excellent Steelhead Fly-fishing river when in good condition.

The Kitimat. This is a small glacial river with good road access which has good runs of, Chinook, Chum, Pinks, and Coho.  Fishing is either by a drift boat which can access all the good spots or from the various road access points which need a hike through the trails to the river.  Good spots are,  Cable-car, Coho flats and the Pump House.

Tseax / Nass.  120km from Terrace is the small Tseax River, which is a small fast flowing river through the lava beds before joining the Nass.  Fishing is very restricted due to the fast water and is only possible at 'half-way-hole' and at the confluence with the Nass.  It is a good river system as it rarely floods and additionally has a late run of Chinook to mid September.

Bulkley and Maurice Rivers  Both these rivers are famous for their Steelhead runs and are less likely to be flooded as opposed to the Skeena rivers. The Maurice river has good access with trails to hike along and is known for catching Steelhead on a skated Dry fly.

British Columbia Links

Northcoast Anglers Ltd   Terrace    250 635 6496

Randy and Leona run the best fishing shop in Terrace and are a wealth of information   of where and how to fish,as well as stocking all the required tackle and licences.

Yellowhead fishing guides  

Barkley Manderson  250 632 3069.   Berkley runs a   great drift trip down the Kitimat


Randy Marshall

    Guiding on the Skeena and Tributaries

 250 635 1946.The photo below is the Kassiks river which drains into theSkeena river.

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