Duncan Hall: Fly fishing. author of Fly fishing the world on a shoestring


If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.” Zane Grey.

Since semi-retiring as a GP last year I have at last found the time to write about my life long hobby and passion. Publishing four fly-fishing articles in well known fishing magazines, I found the motivation to compile a book of my wider fly fishing adventures thus far. This is now completed and ready to purchase. I titled it ‘Fly fishing the World on a Shoestring’ in the hope that it might encourage fisherman of a limited budget, that the thrill of fishing some of the greatest rivers of our world is accessible to them also.

 I have fly fished for over fifty years, since catching my first trout at the age of six. I am a passionate fly fisherman and take equal interest designing flies for some of the more exotic fish where it is hard to source appropriate lures.  In pursuit of the elusive Salmon and other fine fish, I have travelled extensively from the Amazon, to Alaska and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. It has been a pleasure and privilege to have my photographs occasionally accepted in periodicals such as Trout and Salmon, Chasing Silver, Spawner and Sedge and Mayfly. One on my favourite Russian photographs was used as the front page of Sportfish/ Farlows catalogue in addition to Topher Browne Salmon Magic and The Field Guide to North American Rivers.

 I have produced several videos which are available on YouTube which have received half a million viewings; also I was commissioned to produce a DVD for Newfoundland company, Eureka Outdoors.